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A veteran therapist center that operates in a pleasant and aesthetic atmosphere and provides a variety of professional complementary medicine

For improving the health and harmonious balance of the body.
Our Treatments: Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Medical Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Athletic Therapy, Women's and Girl Care, Child and Toddler Care, and a variety of body maintenance

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Praising the body's ability to naturally heal itself, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) includes various treatment methods among them needle treatment, medicinal herbs, advice for better nutrition and wellbeing, and also bodywork techniques such as Shiatsu and Tui na. These methods provide remedy and relief for various conditions and symptoms e.g.  Arthralgia / headaches / CVA rehabilitation / back pain / chronic fatigue / hot flashes / menstrual cycle disorders and infertility / challenged immune systems / nausea during pregnancy and following chemotherapy / postpartum support / treatment for children and infants


During an acupuncture session, patients are required to do nothing but relax and concentrate on their inner sensations and feelings. Lasting 20 minutes, a needle insertion treatment is performed on specific acupuncture points according to the practitioner's diagnosis and the patient's condition. Acupuncture focuses on improving and correcting the flow of energy through the meridians.

Tui na

Refined and enhanced by modern approaches of anatomy and physiology Tui na is a dynamic method based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. A hands-on-body treatment, compressing the body's energy channels Tui na treats: orthopedic and neurologic conditions / emotional difficulties and stress / muscle stiffness and strain
Tui na also treats conditions related to the nervous system: sleep disorders / Fibromyalgia / Bell's palsy / stoke related paralysis / migraines / menstrual cramps / constipation


Originally, a Japanese method influenced by Chinese medicine, Shiatsu's purpose is to provide relaxation and reassurance. Based on bodywork and touch treatment, Shiatsu is carried out using manipulation techniques and circular motion. The practitioner's handling and touch during the sessions give patients the feeling they are back inside the womb held and cuddled, providing emotional and physical support to help overcome physical and emotional barriers.
Shiatsu alleviates various conditions: orthopedic / neurologic / women's health conditions and irregular menstruation / digestive disorders / stress / pain
breathing and respiratory difficulties / disc degeneration and so forth


Emphasizing on diagnosis and treatment free of medication and exclusive of invasive procedures, chiropractic is the third most common therapeutic method practiced worldwide. Chiropractic treatment is about manipulating and rebalancing the vertebra to allow commands coming from the brain flow freely through the nervous system.
Chiropractic treats a diversity of aches, pains and disorders such as headaches /
back and neck pain / disc degeneration / numbness and tingling / stiff muscles and fatigue / limited physical ability on account of limited range of motion / other injuries
In addition, chiropractic treats common conditions children and infants suffer from Asthma / ear infections / poor posture and more


Whatever appears on our feet indicates a physical or emotional condition. Skin color, shape, toes form, warts and corns and where they appear on the foot, as well as skin texture and even smell, all have diagnostic meaning and significance. Emphasizing on diagnosis and treatment while applying pressure, feeling, touching and massaging the patient's feet, the practitioner gets to know the patient, identifies the pain's source, obtains an overall diagnosis and can then provide the best and most effective treatment.
Reflexology treats digestive disorders (Crohn's disease, colitis, IBS, constipation) /
fatigue and sleep disorders / hormone imbalance / pain relief in cases of autoimmune diseases

Deep Tissue Massage

A manual massage method combining ironing of the muscles, applying pressure and   friction to trigger points as well as stretching out layers of muscles and the connective tissue. By applying pressure to the deep tissue using forearms, elbows, palms and so forth, the practitioner examines the tendons, ligaments and muscles in order to identify and locate adhesions and lengthen contracted and stiff muscles.
Deep tissue massage is effective in cases patients suffer from chronic pain over a lengthened period.
Besides the physical pain relief this method of massage enables patients identify the emotional source of pain, and examine the interconnection between their emotions and its appearance as physical pain. Patients understand the pain is merely a symptom as the body utilizes means of physical and emotional protection.

Other forms of massages are available at Ylang Ylang: athletes, medical massage therapy, combined massages, Swedish, Ayurvedic, hot stones and prenatal.

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